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Comparison of Nabil Bank and Global IME Bank

Comparison of Nabil Bank and Global IME Bank
Comparison of Nabil Bank and Global IME Bank

We have done Comparison of Nabil Bank and Global IME Bank. They are leading and successful commercial banks of Nepal.

Comparison of Nabil Bank and Global IME Bank

Following is the short introduction of the respective Bank:

Nabil Bank Ltd

Nabil Bank Ltd (NABIL) is a leading commercial bank in Nepal which was established in 1984. The Bank operates through its wide network of 230 branch offices, 254 ATMs, numerous POS terminals and remittance agents spread across the nation. The bank as so far acquired Nepal Bangladesh Bank ltd and United finance.

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Global IME Bank Ltd

Global IME Bank Ltd. (GIBL) emerged after successful merger of Global Bank Ltd (an “A” class commercial bank), IME Financial Institution (a “C” class finance company) and Lord Buddha Finance Ltd. Global Bank Limited (GBL) was established in 2007 as an ‘A’ class commercial bank in Nepal. The bank was established with the largest capital base at the time with paid up capital of NPR 1.0 billion. After merger with several bank and financial institutions. The paid-up capital of the bank has been increased to NPR 35.77 billion. Big merger such as with Janata Bank Ltd and Bank of Kathmandu Ltd.


Following are the highlights:

Particulars “000”Nabil BankGlobal IME Bank
Paid-up Capital27,056,997.0035,771,060.00
Retained Earnings1,772,095.00962,673.00
Deposits from Customers363,487,636.00409,882,438.00
Loans and Advances to Customers323,514,411.00362,082,967.00
Net Interest Income12,101,158.0011,792,154.00
Impairment Chage/ (Reversal)3,331,712.002,710,773.00
Personnel Expense2,452,802.003,103,389.00
Operating Profit7,486,653.006,066,066.00
Profit/ (Loss) for the year5,116,174.004,358,264.00
Distributable Profit / Loss1,772,092.00962,673.00
Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR)12.3412.75
CD Ratio87.6887.17
Cost of fund8.168.62
Interest Rate Spread5.155.20
Base Rate9.9910.69
Book Value201.07155.99

Note: All the data are taken from the 3 Quarter report of FY 2079/80.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which bank is Better, Nabil Bank or Global IME Bank?

= We have highlighted the financial differences of the banks. So, you can decide which bank is better.