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Comparison of NIC Asia & Everest Bank

Comparison of NIC Asia & Everest Bank
Comparison of NIC Asia & Everest Bank

We have done Comparison of NIC Asia & Everest Bank. Paid up Capital, Reserve and Surplus, CAR, NPL, EPS, Net Worth and so on are the basis of comparison.

Short Introduction

NIC Asia Bank

NIC Asia Bank Limited (NICA) is leading commercial bank in Nepal. It is located at Trade tower, Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal. The bank was established in 21st July, 1998. The company has not distributed dividend for last 2 years. Their balance sheet and profit and loss account is strong among the commercial bank.

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Everest Bank Ltd

Everest Bank Ltd (EBL) is a commercial bank which was founded in 1994. It is one of the prisoner commercial banks in Nepal. The bank has 124 Branches, 160 ATM Counters. The corporate office is located at Lazimpat, P.O.Box 13384 Kathmandu, Nepal.

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Comparison of NIC Asia & Everest Bank

Following are the financial highlights.

Particulars “000”NIC Asia BankEverest Bank
Paid-up Capital11,564,005.0010,698,094.00
Retained Earnings3,698,834.034,333,205.00
Deposits from Customers311,367,922.42197,929,061.00
Loans and Advances to Customers262,098,740.71160,210,055.00
Net Interest Income12,371,164.317,448,074.00
Impairment Chage/ (Reversal)394,197.09735,441.00
Personnel Expense4,995,499.812,165,930.00
Operating Profit6,827,332.944,847,051.00
Profit/ (Loss) for the year4,651,338.484,847,362.00
Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR)13.9913.36
CD Ratio83.5582.32
Cost of fund7.677.75
Interest Rate Spread3.993.97
Base Rate9.989.47
Book Value256.41238.33

Note: All the data are taken from Q4 report of FY 2079/80.

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= We have done analysis of NICA VS EBL. All the data present here are taken from financial statement of the company.