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EPS of the Microfinance company in Nepal

EPS of the Microfinance company in Nepal
EPS of the Microfinance company in Nepal

We have collected the data on the EPS of the Microfinance company in Nepal. This microfinance is listed in Nepse. Similarly, we have collected data from 40+ microfinance companies in Nepal.

Rate of the microfinance is always higher than in other sectors. Microfinance companies have helped shareholders in Wealth Maximization.

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EPS of the Microfinance company in Nepal

Following is the EPS of the companies:

FY 2080/81

1st Quarter Report

Name of the CompanySymbolEPS
BPW LaghubittaBPWRs. 89.18
NESDO Sambridha Laghubitta.NESDORs. 41.84
Jeevan Bikas LaghubittaJBLBRs. 40.78
Sana Kisan Bikas LaghubittaSKBBLRs. 36.19
Chhimek LaghubittaCBBLRs. 31.20
Deprosc LaghubittaDDBLRs. 22.76
Global IME LaghubittaGILBRs. 21.98
Nirdhan Utthan LaghubittaNUBLRs. 21.90
National LaghubittaNLBSLRs. 20.31
Mahuli LaghubittaMSLBRs. 19.28
RSDC LaghubittaRSDCRs. 18.76
Grameen Bikas LaghubittaGBLBSRs. 18.08
First Microfinance LaghubittaFMDBLRs. 17.66
Mithila LaghubittaMLBBLRs. 15.19
Swarojgar LaghubittaSLBBLRs. 12.51
Nerude LaghubittaNLBBLRs. 10.41
NIC Asia LaghubittaNICLBSLRs. 10.12
Swabalamban LaghubittaSWBBLRs. 9.88
Laxmi LaghubittaLLBSRs. 8.63
Vijaya LaghubittaVLBSRs. 8.01
Ganapati LaghubittaGMFBSRs. 7.60
Sadhana LaghubittaSDLBSLRs. 7.06
Support LaghubittaSMBRs. 6.71
Kalika LaghubittaKMCDBRs. 5.90
Suryodaya Womi LaghubittaSWMFRs. 5.15

Less Than 5 EPS

Name of the companySymbolEPS
Unnati Sahakarya LaghubittaUSLBRs. 3.94
Gurans LaghubittaGLBSLRs. 3.68
Infinity LaghubittaILBSRs. 2.95
CYC Nepal LaghubittaCYCLRs. 2.83
Aarambha Chautari LaghubittaACLBSLRs. 2.77
Manushi LaghubittaMLBSRs. 2.58
Sabaiko LaghubittaSABSLRs. 1.86
Himalayan LaghubittaHLBSLRs. 1.36
Unique Nepal LaghubittaUNLBRs. 1.05
NADEP LaghubittaNADEPRs. 0.42
Swabhiman LaghubittaSMFBSRs. -3.40
Samata Gharelu LaghubittaSMATARs. -4.87
Wean Nepal LaghubittaWNLBRs. -7.22
Kisan LaghubittaKLBSLRs. -8.35
Manakamana Smart LaghubittaMKLBRs. -9.60
Dhaulagiri LaghubittaDLBSRs. -9.90
Asha LaghubittaALBSLRs. -16.47
Mero Microfinance LaghubittaMERORs. -18.95
Janautthan Samudayic LaghubittaJSLBBRs. -29.85
Jalpa Samudayik LaghubittaJALPARs. -36.02
Upakar LaghubittaULBSLRs. -36.65
Forward Microfinance LaghubittaFOWADRs. -42.07
Samudayik Laghubitta SLBSLRs. -81.14

Fourth Quarter Report

Name of the CompanySymbolEPS
Aatmanirbhar LaghubittaANLBRs. 77.97
NESDO Sambridha LaghubittaNESDORs. 57.55
Sana Kisan Bikas LaghubittaSKBBLRs. 40.69
Samaj LaghubittaSAMAJRs. 37.91
Chhimek LaghubittaCBBLRs. 37.45
Mahila LaghubittaMLBSLRs. 34.71
Jeevan Bikas LaghubittaJBLBRs. 34.28
Swabalamban LaghubittaSWBBLRs. 26.31
Deprosc LaghubittaDDBLRs. 23.98
Support LaghubittaSMBRs. 23.86
Upakar LaghubittaULBSLRs. 22.27
Forward Microfinance LaghubittaFOWADRs. 20.98
Global IME LaghubittaGILBRs. 20.81
National LaghubittaNLBSLRs. 19.84
Unique Nepal LaghubittaUNLBRs. 17.58
Mahuli LaghubittaMSLBRs. 17.61
NIC Asia LaghubittaNICLBSLRs. 17.25
First Microfinance LaghubittaFMDBLRs. 17.16
Mithila LaghubittaMLBBLRs. 15.08
Swarojgar LaghubittaSLBBLRs. 14.87
Swabhiman LaghubittaSMFBSRs. 14.79
Samata Gharelu LaghubittaSMATARs. 14.56
RSDC LaghubittaRSDCRs. 12.84
Kisan LaghubittaKLBSLRs. 12.42
Asha LaghubittaALBSLRs. 11.03
Shrijanshil LaghubittaSHLBRs, 10.18
Sadhana LaghubittaSDLBSLRs. 9.75
Janautthan Samudayic LaghubittaJSLBBRs. 9.8
Suryodaya Womi LaghubittaSWMFRs. 8.75
Mirmire LaghubittaMMFDBRs. 8.35
Nerude LaghubittaNLBBLRs. 7.91
Vijaya LaghubittaVLBSRs. 7.79
Grameen Bikas LaghubittaGBLBSRs. 7.02
Sabaiko LaghubittaSABSLRs. 6.99
Ganapati LaghubittaGMFBSRs. 6.81
Mero Microfinance LaghubittaMERORs. 5.45

Less than 5

Name of the companySymbolEPS
Himalayan LaghubittaHLBSLRs. 4.81
Manushi LaghubittaMLBSRs. 4.68
BPW LaghubittaBPWRs. 4.22
Infinity LaghubittaILBSRs. 3.36
NADEP LaghubittaNADEPRs. 3.35
Unnati Sahakarya LaghubittaUSLBRs. 3.34
Gurans LaghubittaGLBSLRs. 2.81
Kisan LaghubittaKLBSLRs. 2.70
CYC Nepal LaghubittaCYCLRs. 2.12
Samudayik LaghubittaSLBSLRs. 0.28
Wean Nepal LaghubittaWNLBRs. 0.10
Nirdhan Utthan LaghubittaNUBLRs. 0.04
NMB LaghubittaNMBMFRs. -3.11
Aarambha Chautari LaghubittaACLBSLRs. -7.08
Dhaulagiri LaghubittaDLBSRs. – 8.26
Laxmi LaghubittaLLBSRs. -18.81
Jalpa Samudayik LaghubittaJALPARs. -61.52

Third Quarter Report

National Microfinance LaghubittaNMFBSRs. 43.84
Chhimek LaghubittaCBBLRs. 41.41
Sana Kisan LagubittaSKBBLRs. 39.75
Jeevan Bikas LaghubittaJBLBRs. 37.40
Deprosc LaghubittaDDBLRs. 24.25
RMDC LaghubittaRMDCRs. 23.40
First Microfinance LaghubittaFMDBLRs. 22.60
NIC Asia laghubittaNICLBSLRs. 18.00
Mithila LaghubittaMLBBLRs. 16.61
Mirmire laghubittaMMFDBRs. 14.40
RSDC LaghubittaRSDCRs. 13.19
Kalika LaghubittaKMCDBRs. 12.76
Ganapati LaghubittaGMFBSRs. 12.13
Asha LaghubittaALBSLRs. 11.55
Swarojgar LaghubittaSLBBLRs.11.09
Sadhana LaghubittaSDLBSLRs. 10.50
Summit LaghubittaSMFDBRs. 10.50
Swabalamban LaghubittaSWBBLRs. 10.21
Suryodaya Womi LaghubittaSWMFRs. 9.49
Support LaghubittaSMBRs. 8.86
Naya Sarathi LaghubittaNSLBRs. 8.49
Grameen Bikas LaghubittaGBLBSRs. 8.01
Nerude LaghubittaNLBBLRs. 5.75
Forward LaghubittaFOWADRs. 5.51
Sadhana LaghubittaSDLBSLRs. 4.58
CYC Nepal LaghubittaCYCLRs. 3.85
Swabhimaan LaghubittaSMFBSRs. 3.36
Civil LaghubittaCLBSLRs. 2.73
Nirdhan Utthan LaghubittaNUBLRs. 2.25
Upakar LaghubittaULBSLRs. 1.92
Kisan LaghubittaKLBSLRs. 1.83
Vijaya LaghubittaVLBSRs. 1.46
Nadep LaghubittaNADEPRs. 1.43
Adarsha LaghubittaADLBRs. 1.34
Aarambha Chautari LaghubittaACLBSLRs. -2.07
Manakamana Smart LaghubittaMKLBRs. -4
Dhaulagiri LaghubittaDLBSRs. -5.31
Gurans LaghubittaGLBSLRs. -7.22
Manushi LaghubittaMLBSRs. -23.81
Laxmi LaghubittaLLBSRs. -27.71

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Second Quarter

Name of the CompaniesSymbolEPS
NESDO Sambridha LaghubittaNESDO86.45
Mahila LaghubittaMLBSL61.71
National MicrofinanceNMFBS55.57
Jeevan Bikas LaghubittaJBBL51.20
Chhimek LaghubittaCBBL47.85
Swabalamban LaghubittaSWBBL42.81
CYCL Nepal LagubittaCYCL39.24
RMDC LaghubittaRMDC33.29
Deprosc LaghubittaDDBL31.05
Mithila LaghubittaMLBBL25.52
First Microfinance LaghubittaFMDBL25.18
Global IME LaghubittaGILB23.58
Forward MicrofinanceFOWAD23.50
Asha LaghubittaALBSL22.13
Nerude LaghubittaNLBBL21.91
RSDC LaghubittaRSDC19.72
Swarojgar LaghubittaSLBBL19.65
Mahuli Laghubitta MSLB18.78
Adhikhola LaghubittaAKBSL18.77
Suryodaya Womi LaghubittaSWMF17.52
Miremire LaghubittaMMFDB17.41
Samata Gharelu LaghubittaSMATA16.65
Jalpa LaghubittaJALPA16.05
Summit LaghubittaSMFDB15.74
Sadhana LaghubittaSADBSL15.93
Nirdhan Utthan LaghubittaNUBL15.36
Ganapati LaghubittaGMFBS14.97
NADEP LaghubittaNADEP14.85
Naya Sarathi LaghubittaNSLB14.12
Mero MicrofinanceMERO11.30
Aarambha ChautariACLBSL11.24
Sabaiko LaghubittaSABSL7.64
Adarsha LaghubittaADLB7.09
Unique Nepal LaghubittaUNLBSL6.87
Rastra Utthan LaghubittaRULB6.45
Support LaghubittaSMB5.81
Janauthan Samudayic LaghubittaJSLBB4.81
Khaptad LaghubittaKLBS1.18
Kisan LaghubittaKLBSL0.67
Gurans LaghubittaGLBSL0.49
Manushi LaghubittaMLBS-4.08
Laxmi LaghubittaLLBS-12.50
Wean Nepal LaghubittaWLBS-27.70
Upakar LaghubittaULBSL-49.07

Note: All the data are taken from the financial statement of the respective companies.

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