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List of Hydropower Company in Nepal

List of Hydropower Company in Nepal
List of Hydropower Company in Nepal

We have collected the information of List of Hydropower Company in Nepal. All these Hydropower are listed in NEPSE.

Share of the company is currently trading in NEPSE. As of Now, there are 79 hydropower company listed in NEPSE. Date: 20th July 2023.

List of Hydropower Company in Nepal

Following are the List of Hydropower Company in Nepal.

Name of Hydropower CompanySymbolPaid Up Capital
Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower LimitedUPPER10.59 arba
Chilime Hydro power Company LimitedCHCL7.25 arba
Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Company Ltd.RHPL6.15 arba
Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Company Ltd.MBJC6.00 arba
Api Power Company LimitedAPI5.78 arba
Arun Kabeli Power LimitedAKPL4.08 arba
Sahas Urja LimitedSAHAS3.5 arba
Butwal Power Company LimitedBPCL3.40 arba
Sanima Middle Tamor Hydropower Ltd.TAMOR3.33 arba
Sanjen Jalavidhyut Company LimitedSJCL3.28 arba
Peoples Hydropower Company LimitedPHCL3.2 arba
Green Ventures LimitedGVL3.12 arba
Sanima Mai Hydropower LimitedSHPC3.08 arba
Modi Energy LimitedMEL2.90 arba
Himal Dolakha Hydropower Company Ltd.HDHPC2.80 arba
Name of the HydropowerSymbolPaid Up Capital
National Hydro Power Company LimitedNHPC2.46 arba
Universal Power Company LimitedUPCL2.10 arba
Super Madi Hydropower LimitedSMHL2.10 arba
Mountain Energy Nepal LimitedMEN1.96 aba
Arun Valley Hydropower Development Company Ltd.AHPC1.86 arba
Ngadi Group Power LimitedNGPL1.85 arba
Balephi Hydropower LimitedBHL1.82 arba
Greenlife Hydropower LimitedGLH1.80 arba
Radhi Bidyut Company LimitedRADHI1.67 arba
Swet-Ganga Hydropower & Construction Ltd.SGHC1.59 arba
Ridi Power Company LimitedRIDI1.58 arba
Nyadi Hydropower LimitedNYADI1.50 arba
Liberty Energy Company LimitedLEC1.50 arba
Shiva Shree Hydropower LimitedSSHL1.47 arba
Singati Hydro Energy LimitedSHEL1.45 arba

More Hydropower

Name of the HydropowerSymbolPaid Up Capital
Upper Solu Hydro Electric Company Ltd.HSHEC1.35 arba
Mountain Hydro Nepal Limited.MHNL1.25 arba
United Modi Hydropower Limited.UMHL1.23 arba
Sagarmatha Jalbidhyut Company Limited.SMJC1.12 arba
Panchakanya Mai Hydropower Limited.PMHPL1.10 arba
Himalayan Hydropower Limited.HHL1.09 aba
Himalayan Power Partner Limited.HPPL1.06 arba
Dordi Khola Hydropower Company Limited.DORDI1.05 arba
Bindhyabasini Hydropower Development Company Ltd.BHDC1.05 arba
Maya Khola Hydropower Company Limited.MKHC1.00 arba
Himalaya Urja Bikas Company Limited.HURJA99.00 crore
Panchthar Power Company Limited.PPCL96.25 crore
Sikles Hydropower Limited.SIKLES85.00 crore
Synergy Power Development Limited.SPDL80.65 crore
Molung Hydropower Company Ltd. MHCL80.25 crore
Name of the HydropowerSymbolPaid Up Capital
Ankhukhola Hydropower Company Ltd.AKJCL80.00 crore
Kalika Power Company LimitedKPCL79.35 crore
Makar Jitumaya Suri Hydropower Company Ltd.MAKAR76.00 crore
Union Hydropower LimitedUNHPL75.00 crore
River Falls Power LimitedRFPL70.00 crore
People’s Power LimitedPPL63.26 crore
Eastern Hydropower LimitedEHPL62.00 crore
Rapti Hydro & General Construction Ltd.RHGCL61.27 crore
Ingwa Hydropower LtdIHL60.00 crore
Mandakini Hydropower LimitedMHL58.80 crore
Ghalemdi Hydro LimitedGHL55.00 crore
Bhugol Energy Development Company Ltd.BEDC54.40 crore
Menchhiyam Hydropower LimitedMCHL54.25 crore
Dolti Power Company LtdDOLTI53.64 Crore
Barun Hydropower Company Ltd. BARUN53.58 crore

More Hydropower

Name of the hydropowerSymbolPaid Up Capital
Upper Hewakhola Hydropower Company Ltd.UHEWA50.00 crore
Supermai Hydropower Limited.SMH50.00 crore
Samling Power Company Limited.SPC50.00 crore
Ru Ru Jalbidhyut Pariyojana Limited.RURU49.33 crore
Khani Khola Hydropower Company Ltd.KKHC46.57 crore
United Idi-Mardi and R.B. Hydropower Ltd.UMRH42.00 crore
Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydropower Company Ltd. BNHC40.00 crore
Terhathum Power Company Limited.TPC40.00 crore
Chhyangdi Hydropower Company Limited.CHL38.69 crore
Joshi Hydropower Development Company Ltd.JOSHI37.14 crore
Mailung Khola Jal Vidhyut Company Ltd.MKJC36.81 crore
Asian Hydropower Limited.AHL34.00 crore
Nepal Hydro Developer Limited.NHDL33.59 crore
Mai Khola Hydropower Ltd.MKHL31.21 crore
Sayapatri Hydropower Ltd.SPHL30.00 crore
Rawa Energy Development Ltd.RAWA28.00 crore
Dibyashwari Hydropower Company Ltd.DHPL26.40 crore
Barahi Hydropower Public Ltd.BHPL25.00 crore
Shuvam Power Ltd.SPL20.00 crore

Hence, these are the List of Hydropower Company in Nepal.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How many hydropower companies are there in Nepal?

= As of Now, ( 20th July 2023), there are 79 hydropower companies listed in NEPSE.

Which is the largest hydropower company in Nepal?

= Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited is the largest Hydropower Company in terms of Paid up Capital.

Which is the best hydropower company share in Nepal? or Which is the best hydropower to invest in nepal 2023?

= BPCL, CHCL, MEN, SAHAS, RURU, RIDI, etc are the best hydropower company share in Nepal.

What is the name of hydropower company in Nepal?

= Here is the list of name of hydropower company in Nepal.