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Fundamental Analysis of Mandu Hydropower

Fundamental Analysis of Mandu Hydropower
Fundamental Analysis of Mandu Hydropower

We have done analysis of Fundamental Analysis of Mandu Hydropower ltd. It is one of the leading hydropower of Nepal.

Fundamental Analysis of Mandu Hydropower

Following are the detail information:

About Company:

Mandu Hydropower Ltd is a public ltd hydropower company which was established in 15th April 2012. It has 22MW electricity generating capacity. It is a joint project with Sichuan Hechuan Co. Ltd. (SHIC) in Chengdu, China.

The project of the company is located Bagmati River, Panchakanya VDC, Makwanpur District, Bagmati Zone, Nepal. The is already commercia operating since 2 years.

More Information

Following are more information:

NameMandu Hydropower ltd
No of Share1,36,00,000 units share
Face ValueRs. 100
Paid Up CapitalRs. 1,36,00,00,000
AddressKamaladi 13,Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone Number01-4169088

About Project

Following are more detail about Project

Name of ProjectBagmati Sana Jalbidhyut Yojana
Type of ProjectRun-of-River
Installed22 MW
Electricity Generation License received Ashad 19, 2071
Generation Valid Date Ashad 18, 2106
RCOD Mangsir 29, 2079
Total Cost Rs. 4.01 Arba
Cost per Megawatt in Rs. Rs. 18.27 Crores

Audited Financial Statement

Following are the information from audited financial statement.

Particulars “000”FY 2076/77FY 2077/78FY 2078/79
Paid Up Capital Rs. 1,200,000.00Rs. 1,200,000.00Rs. 1,200,000.00
Reserve and SurplusRs. 48,067.00 Rs. 160,272.00 Rs. 294,098.00
RevenueRs. 547,580.00 Rs. 648,406.00 Rs. 762,470.00
Interest ExpenseRs. 292,870.00 Rs. 237,867.00 Rs. 232,257.00
Net ProfitRs. 117,320.00 Rs. 160,204.00 Rs. 264,101.00
Earning Per ShareRs. 9.78Rs. 13.35Rs. 22.01
Book Value Per ShareRs. 104.01Rs. 113.36Rs. 124.42
Return On Equity0.941.181.77

Capital Structure

Following is the Capital structure of the company:

Promoters Share Holding88%Rs. 1,200,000,000.00
Public Share Holding12%Rs. 163,637,000.00

Boards of Director

Following are the boards of directors:

Name of the Boards of Directors Positions
Mr. Maheshwor Prakash ShresthaChairman
Mr. Shivantha Bahadur PandeyDirector
Mr. Tian JiayuanDirector
Mr. Zhu XianxianDirector
Mr. Rabindra Lal ShresthaDirector

Hence, these are the company analysis of Mandu hydropower.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Book Value of Mandu Hydropower?

= As per FY 2078/79, the book value of the company is Rs. 124.42.

Paid up Capital of Mandu Hydropower?

= Rs. 1.36 arba is the paid up capital of hydropower company.

Address or location of Mandu Hydropower?

= Mandu Hydropower is located at Kamaladi 13,Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone Number of Mandu Hydropower?

= The phone Number of Mandu Hydropower is 01-4169088

What is the capacity of Mandu Hydropower Ltd?

= 22MW is the capacity of Mandu Hydropower ltd.

Share Price of Mandu Hydropower ltd?

= You can get information of share price of Mandu hydropower in NEPSE Official website. CLICK HERE