Home Company Analysis Fundamental Analysis of NIC Asia Bank Limited (NICA)

Fundamental Analysis of NIC Asia Bank Limited (NICA)

Fundamental Analysis of NIC Asia Bank Limited (NICA)
Fundamental Analysis of NIC Asia Bank Limited (NICA)

We have done Fundamental Analysis of NIC Asia Bank Limited (NICA). It is one of the biggest “A” class commercial bank in Nepal.

Fundamental Analysis of NIC Asia Bank Limited (NICA)

Following are the detail information of NIC Asia Bank


NIC Asia Bank Limited (NICA) is leading commercial bank in Nepal. It is located at Trade tower, Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal. The bank was established in 21st July, 1998. NIC Asia Bank was born after successful merger of NIC Bank and Asia Bank on 30th June 2013. In the same years bank was honored with ” Bank of year 2013-Nepal” by the banker, financial times, UK.

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More Informations

Following is the short introduction

Full NameNIC Asia Bank Ltd
SectorCommercial Bank
Share Capital115,640,053.00 units
Paid UpRs. 100
AddressTrade Tower, Thapathali, Kathmandu
Phone Number+977-01-5111180

Quarterly Report

Following are the highlights of the quarterly report.

Particulars “000”First Quarter
Second Quarter
Third Quarter
Fourth Quarter
Paid-up capital11,564,00511,564,00511,564,00511,564,005
Retained Earning4,206,4193,752,4553,023,163.043,698,834.03
Deposits from the customers304,919,759305,857,732314,808,743.72311,367,922.42
Loans and advance to the customers259,258,631256,860,843266,210,650.47262,098,740.71
Net Interest Income3,410,4966,295,7139,217,033.6512,371,164.31
Personnel Expense1,230,6202,227,9883,376,480.834,995,499.81
Operating Profit2,526,9624,696,1865,783,110.356,827,332.94
Net Profit1,756,7793,273,3304,014,924.554,651,338.48
Net Worth231.63243.97248.88256.41
EPS – Earning Per Share60.7756.6146.2940.22

Capital Structure

Following are the Capital Structure of the company.

Promoter Share Holding51%
Public Share Holding49%

Growth in FY 2078 to FY 2079

Following are the detail information.

Particulars “000,000”FY 2077/78FY 2078/79Growth
Loans and advance264,840.00268,236.001.28%
Net Profit3,249.004,215.0029.33%
Return on Equity17.0918.437.84%
CAR -Capital Adequacy Ratio12.4713.386.27%
Earning Per Share28.1836.4529.35%

Dividend History

Following is the dividend history of the company

S.NFiscal YearCash DividendBonus ShareTotal Dividend

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Audited EPS

Following are the audited EPS of the company.

Fiscal YearAudited EPS

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Board of Director

Following are the Board of Directors of NIC Asia Bank.

Mr. Tulasi Ram AgrawalChairman
Mr. Trilok Chand AgrawalDirector
Mr. Ram Chandra SanghaiDirector
Mr.Nikung AgrawalDirector
Mr. Rajendra Prasad AryalDirector
Mr.Binod Kumar PyakurelDirector

Merger and Acquisition

NIC Asia Bank Ltd is formed after merger of NIC Bank Ltd with Bank of Asia Ltd on 30th June 2013.

Subsidiary Companies

Following is the subsidiary companies of NIC Asia Bank

NIC Asia Capital Ltd100%
NIC Asia Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd67.87%

Hence, these are the Fundamental Analysis of NIC Asia Bank Limited (NICA).

Corporate Address

Trade Tower, Thapathali, Kathmandu

Phone Number: +977-01-5111180

Email: info@nicasiabank.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

a. What is the full form of NIC ASIA Bank?

= Nepal Industrial and Commercial Bank is the full form of NIC Asia Bank.

b. Who is the CEO of NIC ASIA Bank?

= The CEO of the NIC Asia Bank is Mr. Roshan K Neupane.

c. Head Office of the NIC Asia Bank?

= MIC Asia Bank is located at Trade Tower, Thapathali, Kathmandu.

d. Net Profit of NIC Asia Bank?

= As per third quarter report of FY 2079/80, the net profit of the bank is Rs. 4.01 arba.

e. CAR of NIC Asia Bank?

= 12.64% is the CAR of the NIC Asia Bank.

f. NPL (Non- performing Loan) of NIC Asia Bank?

= NPL of NIC Asia bank is 0.80%.

g. Paid Up capital of NIC Asia Bank?

= Rs. 11.56arba is the paid-up capital of the bank.