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Fundamental Analysis of BPW laghubitta

Fundamental Analysis of BPW laghubitta
Fundamental Analysis of BPW laghubitta

We have done analysis of Fundamental Analysis of BPW laghubitta bittiya Sanstha Lmited. It is “D” class bank and financial institutions of Nepal.

Fundamental Analysis of BPW laghubitta

Following are the major analysis of company on the basis of different heading.

About Company

BPW Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited is a one of the Microfinance company in Nepal. It was established in September 2019 and started its operations in April 2019 as bank and financial institutions. There are 72 promoters to the company. Among them 71 are individual investors and other one is BPW NGO. The corporate office of the company is located at Banepa-8, Kavre, Nepal.

More Information

NameBPW Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd
CEOMr. Pradeep Koirala
AddressBanepa-8, Kavre, Nepal
Phone Number01-166196

Audited Financial Statement

Following is the data from audited financial statement of the company

Particulars FY 2075/76FY 2076/77FY 2077/78
Paid Up Capital20,300,00020,300,00020,300,000
Reserve and Surplus353,130(2,920,440)(2,684,910)
Interest Expense480,8804,653,1508,350,260
Net profit(1,855,330)(3,259,780)253,540
Earning Per Share(9.41)(16.06)1.16
Net Worth per Share101.7485.6186.78
Return on Equity(0.90)(1.88)0.13

Capital Structure

Following is the capital structure of the company:

Authorized Capital100,000,000.00
Issued Capital30,000,000.00
Promoter Share20,300,000.00
Public Share9,700,000.00

Capital Holding

Following is the capital holding structure of the company

ParticularsPercentage of Capital
Promoter Holding67.670%
Public Holdings32.330%

Board of Directors

Following is the boards of directors

Name of DirectorsPositions
Mrs. Ambika Lal ShresthaChairman
Mr. Kishor Bhai BajracharyaDirector
Mr. Pushpa Ram ShresthaDirectors
Mr. Sabin PradhanangDirectors
Mr. Sabin PradhanangMr. Sabin Pradhanang

Hence, these are the Fundamental Analysis of BPW laghubitta.

Corporate Office

Banepa-8, Kavre, Nepal

Phone: 01-166196

Email: bpwlaghubitta@gmail.com

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Frequently Asked Question

a. Where is the head office of BPW Laghubitta?

= Head office or corporate office of BPW laghubitta is located at Banepa-8, Kavre, Nepal.

b. EPS of BPW Laghubitta?

= Company has not published second quarter report of FY 2079/80. As per first quarter of FY 2079/80 EPS is -50.95.

c. Price of BPW laghubitta in NEPSE.

= You can visit NEPSE official website for current price value of the company.

d. Phone Number of BPW Laghubitta?

= +977-011660196 is the phone number of BPW Laghubitta.