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Upcoming Right Shares Approved and Pipeline

Upcoming Right Shares Approved and Pipeline
Upcoming Right Shares Approved and Pipeline

We have data of Upcoming Right Shares Approved and Pipeline.

Upcoming Right Shares Approved and Pipeline

Following is the detail information’s of right share.

Approved Right Share

Following are the approved right Share

Name of the CompanySectorRatioIssue ManagerApplication Closing Date
Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Ltd.Hydropower1:1Citizen investment Trust & Sunrise Capital Ltd2023-09-24
Multipurpose Finance Company Ltd.Finance1:0.35Muktinath Capital Ltd2023-09-17
Arun Kabeli Power Ltd.Hydropower1:1Nabil Investment Banking Ltd2023-09-17
Synergy Power Development Ltd.Hydropower2:1Sanima Capital ltd.2023-09-17

Right Share Process

Following are the right share Line:

Under Preliminary Review

Name of the companySectorRatioIssue ManagerDate of Application
Chhyangdi Hydropower Ltd.Hydropower1:1BOK Capital ltd2080/02/22
Singati Hydro Energy LtdHydropower1:1Kumari Capital Ltd.2080/03/27
Himalaya Urja Bikas Company LtdHydropower1:1Nabil Investment Banking Ltd.2080/03/31
Arun Valley Hydropower Development CompanyHydropower1:1Muktinath Capital Ltd.2080/04/24
Ridi Power Company LtdHydropower1:0.5Muktinath Capital Ltd.2080/04/24
Liberty Energy Company LtdHydropower1:0.5Prabhu Capital Ltd. 2080/05/21
Ngadi Group Power LtdHydropower1:1Siddhartha Capital Ltd. 2080/05/21
Akhukhola Jalbidhyut Company LtdHydropower1:1.5Nabil Investment Banking Ltd.2080/05/21
Barun Hydropower Company ltdHydropower1:1RBB Merchant Banking Ltd2080/05/22

Reviewed and Comment Sent

Name of the CompanySectorRatioIssue ManagerDate of application
Narayani development
bank Ltd
Development Bank1:1Global IME Capital Ltd2079/09/05
Arun Kabeli Power LtdHydropower1:1Nabil Investment Banking Ltd2078/07/28

Right Share Approved and already closed

Following companies right share is already closed.

Note: These companies’ right share is already approved and respective companies has already issued right share.

Name of CompanySectorRatioIssue Manager
Excel Development Bank LtdDevelopment Bank10:3NIBL Ace Capital.
Nepal Finance Ltd Finance 10:7Prabhu Capital Ltd.
Narayani Development Bank Ltd.Development Bank1:1Global IME Bank.
Ngadi Group Power LtdHydropower1:1.5Siddhartha Capital Ltd.
Corporate Development Bank Ltd.Development Bank1:1.5Civil Capital Ltd.
Barun Hydropower Company ltdHydropower1:1RBB Merchant Banking Ltd.
Chhyangdi Hydropower Company Ltd.Hydropower10:3Global IME Capital Ltd.
Radhi Bidyut Company LtdHydropower1:1.4752Muktinath Capital Ltd.
Samriddhi Finance Company Ltd.Finance 2:1BOK Capital Market Ltd.
Shikhar Insurance Company Ltd .Insurance 10:3NIBL Ace Capital Ltd.
IME general Insurance Company Ltd.Insurance10:4Global IME Capital Ltd.
API Power Company Ltd.Hydropower10:3.936Muktinath Capital Ltd.
Himal Dolakha Hydropower Company Ltd.Hydropower1:0.75Laxmi Capital Market Ltd.
National Hydro Power Company ltd. Hydropower10:5Muktinath Capital Ltd

Note: These data are collected for education for education purpose only. Do not use only these data to make buy and sell stock.

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d. What is the meaning of reserved right share?

= Reserve share are the authorized share that are set aside for issuance in future.