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Dividend History of Shikhar Insurance (SICL)

Dividend History of Shikhar Insurance (SICL)
Dividend History of Shikhar Insurance (SICL)

We have collected data on the Dividend History of Shikhar Insurance (SICL).


Shikhar Insurance Co. Ltd. (SICL) is a leading non-life company in Nepal. The company was incorporated in 2nd Mangsir, 2061. It is the blue chip non-life insurance company in Nepal. The Head office of the company is located at Shikhar Biz Center, Thapathali, Kathmandu.

It is open to young people with good experience in the insurance industry. They have collaborated with big players in the market.

Dividend History of Shikhar Insurance (SICL)

Following is the detailed information on the dividend history:

S.NFiscal YearCash Dividend Bonus SHareTotal DividendRight Share

Dividend history reflects that it is one of the best company among non-life insurance companies. They have always distributed more than 20.00% of total dividends to its shareholder. In FY 2072/73, they distributed a 63.15% dividend of which 60.00% is a bonus share and 3.15% is a cash dividend. Similarly, they have issued three times the right share. Among them, in FY 2068/69, they have given 40% bonus share and 50% right share.

Note: All the data are taken from authentic sources.

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