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Dividend History of Supermai Hydropower

Dividend History of Supermai Hydropower
Dividend History of Supermai Hydropower

We have detail information of Dividend History of Supermai Hydropower ltd. It is a hydropower company.

Dividend History of Supermai Hydropower

Following are the detail information of Dividend History.

Fiscal yearCash DividendBonus ShareTotal Dividend

Hence, the company has not given any dividend to its shareholder so far.

About Company

Supermai Hydropower Ltd (SMH) is a hydropower company which was established in 2071. The company has 7.8 MW electricity generating capacity. The project is located at Barbote ,Ilam Nagarpalika -5 Ilam District, Mechi Zone, Nepal.

More Information

Name of the companySupermai Hydropower Ltd
Sector Hydropower
Installed Capacity 7.8MW
AddressBarbote ,Ilam Nagarpalika -5 Ilam District, Nepal.
Paid up CapitalRs. 50.00 crore
Share register Sanima Capital Ltd.

Hence, these are the information of Dividend History and Company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

a. Bonus Share of Supermai Hydropower?

= Supermai Hydropower ltd has not distributed any dividend so far.

b. Share Register of Supermai Hydropower?

= Sanima Capital Ltd is the share register of Supermai hydropower.

c. Symbol of Supermai hydropower?

= “SMH” is the symbol of Supermai hydropower.

Corporate Office:

Address: Kathmandu Metro Municipality -30 Gyaneshor Kathmandu, Nepal

Ph: 01 4441137

Email: supermai@gmail.com