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List of Broker Offices in Biratnagar

List of Broker Offices in Biratnagar
List of Broker Offices in Biratnagar

We have data of List of Broker Offices in Biratnagar. There are few broker office in Biratnagar. Due to small market, the broker office available in Biratnagar is enough for the trading.

List of Broker Offices in Biratnagar

Following are the Broker Offices in Biratnagar.

Broker NameName of the Broker OfficeAddressPhone Number
6_RWSAgrawal Securities Pvt. LtdMain Road, Biratnagar021-571667, 021-570857
10_RWSPragyan Securities Pvt. LtdRangeli Road, Biratnagar021-5221426, 9851066315
19_RWSNepal Investment & Securities Trading Pvt. LtdMain Road, Biratnagar021-590216, 021-590657
28_RWSShree Krishna Securities LtdMunicipality Office, Biratnagar21-521644, 21-521698
50_RWSCrystal Kanchenjunga Securities Pvt. LtdJaljala Chowk, Biratnagar021-513161, 9862329692

These are the broker office in Biratnagar. There are 5 Broker office in Biratnagar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

a. How many Brokers Office are there in Biratnagar ?

= There are 5 Broker Office in Biratnagar. They are:

  • Agrawal Securities Pvt. Ltd.
  • Pragyan Securities Pvt. Ltd.
  • Nepal Investment & Securities Trading Pvt. Ltd.
  • Shree Krishna Securities Ltd.
  • Crystal Kanchenjunga Securities Pvt. Ltd.

b. Contact number of Broker Office in Biratnagar.

= We have the contact numbers of different broker office in Biratnagar.

c. Which broker is best in Biratnagar?

= There is no single criteria to choose the best broker. There are many aspects to look after before choosing any broker to be best. So, all the brokers are best. They all provide good brokerage services to the general public of Biratnagar.