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NPL of Microfinance Companies

NPL of Microfinance Companies
NPL of Microfinance Companies

We have detail information of NPL of Microfinance Companies. Microfinance companies are “D” class bank and financial institutions. There are more than 50 microfinance companies which is listed in NEPSE.

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NPL of Microfinance Companies

Following are the NPL of Microfinance Companies.

Less Than 2.

Name of the companySymbolNPL
Sana Kisan Bikas Laghubitta.SKBBL0.81%
RSDC LaghubittaRSDC1.49%
Support LaghubittaSMB1.67%
First Microfinance Laghubitta.FMDBL1.91%

More Than 2.

Name of the companySymbolNPL
Chhimek LaghubittaCBBL2.28%
Himalayan LaghubittaHLBSL2.92%
Jeevan Bikas LaghubittaJBLB3.26%
Wean Nepal LaghubittaWNLB3.87%
Swabhiman LaghubittaSMFBS3.94%
Samudayik LaghubittaSLBSL3.94%
Kisan LaghubittaKLBSL
Samaj LaghubittaSAMAJ
Mahuli Laghubitta BittiyaMSLB4.16%
National LaghubittaNLBSL4.17%
Gurans LaghubittaGLBSL4.27%
Mirmire LaghubittaMMFDB
Sadhana LaghubittaSDLBSL4.56%
Unnati Sahakarya Laghubitta.USLB4.56%
Mithila LaghubittaMLBBL4.69%
Mahila LaghubittaMLBSL
Global IME LaghubittaGILB4.76%
Sabaiko LaghubittaSABSL4.83%
Upakar LaghubittaULBSL4.83%
BPW LaghubittaBPW4.85%
Infinity LaghubittaILBS4.88%
Ganapati LaghubittaGMFBS4.93%
Asha LaghubittaALBSL4.96%
Dhaulagiri LaghubittaDLBS4.99%

More Than 5

Name of the companySymbolNPL
Deprosc LaghubittaDDBL5.14%
Swarojgar LaghubittaSLBBL5.17%
Aarambha Chautari Laghubitta.ACLBSL5.49%
Nerude LaghubittaNLBBL5.52%
Suryodaya Womi LaghubittaSWMF5.92%
Forward Microfinance Laghubitta.FOWAD6.25%
CYC Nepal LaghubittaCYCL6.54%
NADEP LaghubittaNADEP6.56%
Laxmi LaghubittaLLBS6.89%
Samata Gharelu LaghubittaSMATA7.23%
Manushi LaghubittaMLBS7.34%
Jalpa Samudayik LaghubittaJALPA7.54%
Vijaya LaghubittaVLBS7.90%
Unique Nepal LaghubittaUNLB8.16%
Kisan LaghubittaKLBSL8.55%
Janautthan Samudayic Laghubitta.JSLBB9.30%
NMB LaghubittaNMBMF
NIC Asia LaghubittaNICLBSL11.22%
Grameen Bikas LaghubittaGBLBS11.29%
Mero Microfinance Laghubitta.MERO11.50%
Nirdhan Utthan LaghubittaNUBL12.35%
Swabalamban LaghubittaSWBBL12.41%
Manakamana Smart LaghubittaMKLB14.31%
NESDO Sambridha Laghubitta.NESDO14.88%

Hence, these are the NPL of Microfinance Companies which is extracted from the First Quarter Report of FY 2080/81.

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Frequently Asked Questions

a. Microfinance Company with lowest NPL in Nepal?

= Sana Kisan Bikas Laghubitta has the lowest NPL of 0.61%.

b. Microfinance Company with Highest NPL in Nepal?

= Grameen Bikas Laghubitta has highest NPL of 9.95%.