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Three Star Hydropower ltd
Three Star Hydropower ltd

We have done fundamental analysis of Three Star Hydropower ltd.

Three Star Hydropower ltd

Following are the detail information of Three Star Hydropower.

About Company

Three Start Hydropower ltd is a hydropower company which was established in 2072. Kumar Kharel, Mohan Karki, and Madhav Mainali are the co-founder of the company. The electricity generating capacity of the company is 7.151 MW. The project is located at Province 1, Haleshi Tuwachung Municipality, Khotang.

The promoter-public share ratio is 75: 25.

More Information

Name of the companyThree Start Hydropower ltd
No of Share4,925,000.00 Units
Face ValueRs. 100
Total Paid-up CapitalRs. 492,500,000.00

Project Information

Name of Project Sapsup Khola Small Hydroelectric Project
Type of Project Run-of-River
Installed Capacity 6.6 MW
Electricity Generation License received Mangsir 29, 2074
Generation Valid Date Mangsir 28, 2109
RCOD Poush 23, 2078
Total Cost Rs. 1.39 Arba
Cost per Megawatt in Rs. Rs. 21.06 Crores

Audited Financial Statement

Following are the information taken from the audited financial statement.

Particulars “000”FY 2076/77FY 2077/78FY 2078/79
Paid Up Capital297,348.00 369,375.00 369,375.00
Reserve and Surplus(13,090.00) (15,209.00) (52,992.00)
Debt190,237.00 816,213.00 937,290.00
Interest Expense
Net Profit(1,328.00) (2,119.00) (37,744.00)
Earnings Per Share(0.45) (0.57) (10.22)
Net Worth Per Share95.60 95.88 85.65
Debt Equity (Times)0.672.302.96
Return on Equity(0.05)(0.06)(1.19)

Capital Structure

Following are the detail information of Capital structure of the company.

ParticluarsPercentageNo of ShareAmount
Promoter Shareholding75%3,693,750.00 369,375,000.00
Project Affected locals10%492,500.00 49,250,000.00
General Public15%738,750.00 73,875,000.00
Total100%4,925,000.00 492,500,000.00
  • General Public (Including Nepalese citizens working abroad).

Board of Directors

Following are the Boards of Directors of the company.

Name of DirectorPosition
Mr. Kumar Kharel Chairman
Mr. Ang Ingma Sherpa Director
Mr. Pemba Tsering LamaDirector
Mr. Uddhav Raj ShivakoteeDirector
Mr. Jen LamaDirector
Mr. Subarna ShakyaDirector
Mr. Dhan Bahadur ShresthaDirector

Hence, these are the information of three star hydropower.

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Frequently Asked Questions

a. Paid up Capital of Three Star Hydropower?

= Rs. 49.25 crore is the paid-up capital of three star Hydropower.

b. EPS of Three star Hydropower?

= in FY 2078/79, the EPS of three star hydropower is -10.22.

c. Three star hydropower share price?

= We can see the three start hydropower share price in NEPSE.

d. Electricity generating Capacity of Three Star Hydropower?

= “7.151 MW” is the electricity generating capacity of three star hydropower.

e. Address of Three Star Hydropower?

= Three Star Hydropower is located at Madyapur thimi, Bhaktapur, Nepal.

f. Three Star Hydropower contact number?

= The phone number of three start hydropower is 01 – 6635080.

Corporate Office:

Address: Madyapur thimi, Bhaktapur, Nepal

Phone Number: 01 – 6635080

Email: sapsu2016@gmail.com