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Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Ltd

Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Ltd
Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Ltd

We have detail information of fundamental analysis of Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Ltd.

Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Ltd

Following are the information of Manakamana Engineering Hydropower.

About Company

Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Ltd is a hydropower company which was established on 19th July 2010. The electricity generating capacity of the company is 5MW and the project is located in Dolakha district of Nepal by utilizing the available head and flow from Ghatte Khola (river). The project started commercial operation on November 08, 2020.

More Information

Name of the companyManakamana Engineering Hydropower
No of Share8,000,000.00
Face ValueRs. 100
AmountRs. 800,000,000.00

Project Information

Following are the more information about project.

Name of Project Ghatte Khola Jalbidhyut Yojana
Types of RiverRun of River
Installed Capacity 5 MW
Electricity Generation License received Ashad 24, 2072
Generation Valid Date Ashad 24, 2107
RCOD Poush 13, 2077
Total CostRs. 1.39 Arba
Cost per Megawatt in Rs. Rs. 27.87 Crores

Audited Financial Statement

Following are the information extracted from the audited financial statement of the company.

Particular “000”FY 2076/77FY 2077/78FY 2078/79
Paid Up Capital60,000.00 60,000.00 60,000.00
Reserve and Surplus(89,761.25) (134,104.12)
Debt799,691.23 868,619.67 861,272.90
Revenue43,629.96 94,153.80
Interest Expense
Net Profit(89,761.25) (44,342.86)
Earnings Per Share(23.11) (8.37)
Net Worth Per Share100.00 77.00 74.00
Debt Equity (TIMES)2.28 2.91 2.2
Return on Equity (%)30.16 5.98

Capital Structure

Following are the Capital Structure of the company.

ParticularPercentageNo of ShareAmount
Promotor Shareholding65%5,200,000.00 520,000,000.00
Project Affected Local10%800,000.00 80,000,000.00
General Public25%2,000,000.00 200,000,000.00
Total100%8,000,000.00 800,000,000.00
  • General Public (Including Nepalese citizens working abroad)

Board of Directors

Following are the Board of Directors of the company.

Name Position
Mr. Krishna Bahadur Upreti Chairman
Mr. Ram Hari Bajagain Director
Mr. Narayan Dhatt Timalsina Director
Mr. Radheshyam Khadka Director

Hence, these are the information of Manakamana Engineering Hydropower.

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Frequently Asked Questions

a. What is the electricity generating capacity of Manakamana Engineering Hydropower?

= “5 MW” is the electricity generating capacity Manakamana Engineering Hydropower.

b. Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Contact Number?

= Phon number of Manakamana Engineering Hydropower is 977 01 4102606.

c. Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Address?

= Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal is the address of Manakamana Engineering Hydropower.

d. Paid of Capital of Manakamana Engineering Hydropower?

= The paid up Capital of Manakamana Engineering Hydropower is Rs.80.00 crore.

e. Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Share Price?

= You can observe the live price of Manakamana Engineering Hydropower in official website of the NEPSE.

Corporate Offie:

Address: Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Phone: 977 01 4102606

Email: hydromanakamana@gmail.com