Home Update Base Rate Of Commercial Banks Of Nepal

Base Rate Of Commercial Banks Of Nepal

Base Rate Of Commercial Banks Of Nepal
Base Rate Of Commercial Banks Of Nepal

We have detail information of Base Rate Of Commercial Banks Of Nepal. These base are collected from the notice released by respective commercial banks of Nepal.

Base Rate Of Commercial Banks Of Nepal

Following are the base of the respective banks.

Name of the BanksSymbolBase Rate
Rastriya Banijya Bank LtdRBBL8.02%
Standard Chartered Bank Ltd.SCB9.02%
Nepal Investment Bank LtdNIMB9.36%
Everest Bank Ltd.EBL9.47%
Nabil Bank LtdNABIL9.52%
Siddhartha Bank Ltd.SBL9.91%
Nepal bank LtdNBL9.92%
Agricultural Development Bank Ltd.ADBL10.06%
NIC Asia Bank LtdNICA10.12%
Sanima Bank LtdSANIMA10.15%
Prabhu Bank Ltd.PRVU10.16%
Global IME Bank Ltd.GBIME10.20%
NMB Bank LtdNMB10.37%
Citizens Bank International Bank Ltd.CZBIL10.51%
Himalayan Bank Ltd.HBL10.57%
Prime Commercial Bank LtdPCBL10.57%
Machhapuchchhre Bank.MBL10.74%
Nepal SBI Bank LtdSBI10.74%
Kumari Bank LtdKBL10.90%
Laxmi Sunrise Bank LtdLSBL10.94%

Note: Base Rate of Asar 2080.

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Frequently Asked Question

a. Which bank has lowest base rate in Nepal?

= Rastriya Bannijya Bank Ltd has the lowest base rate of 8.02%.

b. Which bank has highest base rate in Nepal?

= Laxmi Sunrise Bank Ltd has the highest base rate of 10.94% in Nepal.

c. Base rate of Sanima bank?

= The base rate of Sanima Bank is 10.15%.

d. Base rate of Rastriya Banijya Bank?

= The base Rate of Rastriya banijya Bank Ltd is 8.02%.

e. Base rate of Nabil Bank?

= 9.52% is the base rate of Nabil Bank Ltd.

f. Base Rate of Nepal Bank Ltd?

= 9.2% is the base rate of Nepal Bank Ltd