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EPS of Mahila Laghubitta (MLBSL)

EPS of Mahila Laghubitta (MLBSL)
EPS of Mahila Laghubitta (MLBSL)

We have collected the data of the EPS of Mahila Laghubitta (MLBSL).

According to the first quarter report of FY 2079/80, the EPS of the company is Rs. 43.39.

EPS of Mahila Laghubitta (MLBSL)

Following is the detailed information on the EPS of the company:

Fiscal Year1st Quarter 2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th Quarter

Note: EPS given above is annualized EPS. Similarly, the company issued IPO in 2077/78 after the second quarter.

Audited EPS

Following is the audited EPS of the company on a fiscal yearly basis.

Fiscal YearAudited EPS

About Mahila Laghubitta

Mahila Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (MLBSL) is a leading ”D” class microfinance company in Nepal. The company got an operating license on 2075/06/22 from Nepal Rastra Bank. Its central office is located at Sanga- 13, Kavre, Nepal. They are providing financial services to people throughout the country. It commences its business from 2075/07/01.

The motto of microfinance is “Centre for Women Rights and Development”.

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